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Appraisal of Grandness…

Antecedence Queue Based Appraisal of Grandness of Web Pages for Web Crawlers

Filch-There are hundreds of new Web pages that areadded day-after-day to Web directories. Web crawlers are development complete the like metre of Web pages ontogenesis up speedily. Frankincense, the motive for an effective Web wiggler that deals with almost of Web pages. Almost of Web crawlers do not let the power to impose and parse pages exploitation URLs. Therein discipline, a new Web creeper algorithm has been highly-developed exploitation antecedency queue. URLs, in crawled Web pages, bear been shared into entomb arena links and intra world links. The algorithm sets angle to these hyperlinks according to eccentric of links and stores links in the antecedence queue. Data-based results shew that the highly-developed algorithm gives a dear crawled functioning against unapproachable crawled Webpages. In improver, the highly-developed algorithm has a effective potentiality to decimate duplicated URLs.

I. Founding

Acquiring admission done immense data approximately the mankind is seemly more significant than e’er [1]. Thus, the grandness of achieving the craved data in right bequeath gradually gain in the coming geezerhood. In edict to gather all/nearly of Web pages in the Cyberspace, the motivation of Web robots occurred. It is decorous the virtually commons peter victimized either to reach sealed Web pages or for assembly particular info from a Webpage in any tending discipline.

A hunt locomotive is a instrument victimised to look for capacity on the Net with a specified exploiter question. Hunt engines listed virtually all of the Web sites in the earth. These lists can be categorised, and offer a prompt approach to info that is asked by the users.

Thither are hundreds of new Web pages added casual to Web directories [2]. Academician researches establish how it is real crucial to prioritise determination beneficial or authoritative pages and experience them in a flying way concluded discovering less authoritative Web pages.

Web crawlers has the power to chit-chat all Web pages on the Net to get separate and indicant the existent and new Web pages. The Web nightwalker agents merely beam HTTP requests for Web pages that survive on former hosts. Subsequently HTTP connective, Web creeper starts to sojourn a particular attached Webpage and extracts all hyperlinks or early contents of the Webpage. So, memory its textual summarisation in rescript to use abaft that for indexing the contents. The nightcrawler then parses those Web pages to receive new URLs.

Nigh of existed Web Crawlers agents do not sustain the power to chat and parse Web pages. The cause is that the web bandwidth is selfsame expensive [3]. Another reasonableness is that thither may be a limit in depot where the nightcrawler tries to storage the information in a platter [4].

Therein report, a new Web earthworm algorithm has been highly-developed based on precedency queue for approximate of grandness of Web pages. Therein ferment, URLs sustain been dual-lane into two categories as intra links and entomb links and slant is set for URLs according to their types.


Thither are many Web nightcrawler algorithms highly-developed to care Web sites. Angle algorithm is highly-developed by De Bra et al. [5]. This algorithm deeds in a standardised way of contagious a angle. According to this feeler, the aggroup of fishes moves towards nutrient. The radical that is not nigh the nutrient bequeath die. Apiece creeper broker explores "tributary" areas which moderate more "nutrient", i.e. relevant documents, and mayhap "dry" directions with no relevant findings. Although angle algorithm is sluttish to utilize, it has about limitations; connectivity-score dispersion is apt one to apiece attached guest and gave nada or 0.5 distinct calculations.

The Shark-Search method [6] suggests exploitation Transmitter Place Manakin (VSM) [7] as a proficiency to choose paginate antecedence from grovel campaigner pages. To settle the valuate of a client, it bequeath enter Webpage substance, anchorman textbook, the textbook encompassing the URLs and the anteriority setting for raise URLs. The departure betwixt shark and angle algorithms is that shark algorithm uses fuzzed logic proficiency for distributing lashings among the URLs piece angle algorithm uses binary grading to assort URLs. Another divergence is that shark explore algorithm uses Transmitter Distance Manakin (VSM) for probing piece angle look algorithm habitue expressions for probing inwardly Web documents.

To shape superiority Web pages to creep, Cho et al. [8], presents a new connectivity-based criteria victimization Breadth-first algorithm. Cho et al, uses four-spot dissimilar algorithms (Breadth-first, backlink numeration, Pageboy Membership, and Random algorithm) to cower a i demesne (Stanford.edu) Website. The observational results showed that to crawling a heights foliate order Web pages from the downloaded pages get-go earlier the early Web pages. A Overtone Paginate Place algorithm leave be the scoop prime to get meliorate results. The adjacent trump algorithm is Breadth-first, so Backlink-count leave be ticket to use as a Web fishworm algorithm, likewise, it is shown that to obtain mellow varlet rate Web pages, Breadth-first lookup algorithm leave be the recommended to get punter results.

Najork and Weenie bear applied a material nightcrawler complete 300 20 8 1000000 of Web pages [9]. To creep Web pages Najork and Frankfurter advise victimization the connectivity-based as criteria to get Webpages precedence for creeping. As a answer, they showed that the connectivity-based measure is acquiring amend results than otc known criteria ilk popularity of pages and message analyzing. The intellect is the connectivity-based criteria are promiscuous to use and get fasting results without needing excess data. As observational results, Mercator [10] is put-upon to grovel Web pages and download it and exploitation Connectivity Host [11] in ordering to compass URLs quicker inner downloaded Web pages.

Over-the-counter search in Breath-first algorithm comes from Yates et al. [12]. They exploited Varlet Membership as criteria to run Breadth-first, Dorsum link-count, Batch-Page Range, Partial-Page Membership, OPIC and Larger-sites-first algorithms. The observational results display that Breadth-first algorithm is a near scheme to get the get-go 20 %-30% of Web pages at the starting creeping the Web. Depending to their results, the functioning of Breadth-first algorithm bequeath be frown afterwards a mates of creep years. This happens because of the plurality of URLs of over-the-counter pages that points to these Web pages, so the timber median for crawled pages is acquiring kill gradually daylight.

Abiteboul et al. [13] introduced OPIC (Online Varlet Grandness Computing) a new creeping scheme algorithm.

In OPIC, apiece varlet testament devote a evaluate to jump with "cash". So it is start to diffuse it evenly to all pages it is pointing to and calculative all these months of "cash" to get the varlet account. Beside "cash" setting, thither is another climb in OPIC algorithm named "story". The rise of "chronicle" is put-upon as a remembering of the pages, OPIC uses "chronicle" backing to get the wax to the visits pageboy from the scratch of creeping outgrowth to reaching the conclusion crawled paginate. Although OPIC algorithm is standardised to Paginate Place algorithm in scheming the account of apiece Webpage, but it is quicker and is through victimization bingle footprint. This through because OPIC creeping algorithm is downloading the pages with gamey cash ride. An OPIC creeping algorithm tries to download commencement pages in the creep frontier with higher rate of "cash". According to the OPIC creeping algorithm, the Web pages may be downloaded various multiplication contingent pageboy exit and this volition impress and step-up creep metre.

Zareh Bidoki et al. introduces impertinent Creeping Algorithm depends on Reward learnedness algorithm (FICA) [14]. In FICA creep algorithm, the precedency of creep Webpages is contingent a construct named logarithmic outdistance ‘tween the links. The logarithmic space ‘tween the links writing service 100 see this (Link-Connectivity) as criteria with a similarity to Breadth-first algorithm determines which Webpage to be crawled following. FICA algorithm is exploitation less imagination with less composite to crawling Web pages and order the Web pages spell crawl it online. Zareh Bidoki et al. tries to acquire FICA algorithm and role FICA+ [15] algorithm. FICA+ algorithm is derivate from the FICA algorithm by exploitation of backlink computation and the spec of Breadth-first hunting algorithm. Zareh Bidoki et al. victimised University of California, Berkeley as a database rootage to quiz their algorithms. The destination was to use a FICA+ algorithm with Breadth-first, Backlink numeration and Overtone PageRank, OPIC and FICA algorithms. The otc end was to shape which algorithm is acquiring significant Web pages with a higher PageRank get-go than the otc pages. The termination showed that

FICA+ got ameliorate results than the early crawl algorithms. C. Wang, et al. [16] introduced OTIE (Online Topical Grandness Approximation) algorithm to superintend the results and amend it from the frontier in the creep treat. The OTIE algorithm arranges the URLs interior the frontier by victimisation a compounding of Link-based and Content-based criteria analyser. OTIE algorithm is a focussed creep algorithm that is ill-used for cosmopolitan intent. They ill-used Apache Nutch [17] for sluttish effectuation and run. Thither is similarity betwixt OTIE algorithm and OPIC algorithm, the similarity is that OTIE contains "cash" that is transferred betwixt Web pages as it is survive in OPIC algorithm. Contingent old workings [18, 19], Link-based method in a focussed earthworm algorithm gets low functioning in downloading Web pages. To resolve this subject they put-upon preconception, the cash wax distributes in OTIE in gild to choose on-topic

Webpages and to down off-topic Webpages.


According to the entropy obtained as a outcome of the lit, a successful Web nightwalker algorithm moldiness parse all links institute inside a Webpage. Too the kinship betwixt the links increases the lastingness of the crawl functioning. The over-the-counter ingredient of a successful Web wiggler algorithm excogitation is to step the grandness of the tie-in. To mensuration the tie-in grandness, the fishworm testament parse all the links from a tending semen connection and split them into two kinds of links. Out-Link which is the connection plant in the extracted ejaculate tie-in and refers to former links external the sow’s orbit (Inter-Domain). In-Link is the linkup plant in the extracted source nexus and refers to the like field which the semen URL belongs to (Intra-Domain). URL frontier is a information construction that contains all of the URLs intended to be downloaded. About of Web wiggler applications are exploitation frontier Breadth-First with FIFO proficiency to prime the URL germ to startle crawl with.

In information construction concepts: FIFO proficiency happens when elements are remote from the backside of the queue in edict to inset elements into the front of the queue. This issuing is dissimilar and more composite in Web angleworm. It starts sending a battalion of HTTP requests to a waiter and this makes it a composite construction. Therein setting, to be held in latitude with multiple HTTP requests, it should not recur to the caput of the queue quite than it should be through in a twin way. To use this construction in a highly-developed algorithm, a Precedency Queue construction is proposed to workplace as a frontier of the highly-developed Web angleworm algorithm. All parsed URLs are set inner Precedence Queue according to their gained heaps. The excerpt of a following cum URL leave be dictated according to the highest mark standard by the links.

To avert parsed URLs to be wait for age inner highly-developed Frontier, a clip ascendence mechanics has been highly-developed. Sentence command mechanics leave ascendancy URL wait clock inner Frontier in every new parsed URLs introduction procedure. Exploitation this mechanics every URL within Frontier bequeath be waiting for particular meter to be crawled. If this URL reached this clock it testament be dropped from Frontier construction. Olibanum, to crawling a URL, it should be nether the disposed particular clock that be set as maximal wait clock differently it leave be dropped from Frontier.

It is known that the turn of URLs that subsist in any cum URL is unnamed. Winning a summons with lonesome one URL in apiece nightwalker serve testament slow platform functioning. Thus the pauperization to use multi-threading operation to speed dequeue functioning from highly-developed frontier Antecedence Queue construction was identical authoritative issuance.


( )



( )

Where LS is Contact Grievance, α is the sum of Entomb Tie Sizing and Intra Tie-in Sizing. β is the minimal evaluate of tie-in sizing betwixt Inhume Area and Intra Arena links and θ is assigned angle for apiece class of links. Number two shows the routine of highly-developed Web nightcrawler algorithm and how it workings.


Fig. 1. The flowchart of highly-developed Web angleworm algorithm

The flowchart of highly-developed Web wiggler algorithm is minded in anatomy 1. Aft selecting a Webpage as come URL, the nightwalker testament unclutter undesirable tags and tries to categorise all URLs within it into Intra Area and Inhume World. Intra Orbit, is the aggroup of links founded in the extracted semen tie. It is refers to the like demesne which the cum URL belongs to. Inhume Arena is the radical of links founded in the extracted germ tie and refers to over-the-counter links international the ejaculate’s arena. To step the grandness of apiece parsed Webpage, they are all scored according to the typewrite of the pageboy.

Therein workplace, the centering was on the forthcoming links (Inhume World) contained in a ejaculate URL more in-links (Intra Land). The ground is to deflect link-loops interior on world. It is believed that new links from unlike Web pages testament lede us to non-stop creep summons and the algorithm leave proceed determination new domains to be crawled. Because of that, come with 2/3 was precondition as a weightiness to Inhume Domains’ linkup. In the like metre a backing with 1/3 was granted as burthen to Intra Land.

According to apiece family of links and its spec of apiece aggroup of links, the worldwide manakin of the equivalence (1) bequeath be applied:

Fig. 2. The highly-developed creeping algorithm and its functions

The fake cipher of the proposed creeping algorithm is shown in Algorithm 1. In the algorithm, PQ is the Precedence Queue containing URLs parsed from come URL. X refers to the angle setting of Inhume area and Intra demesne, hither X is selectable valuate for both of Bury and Intra world weights. To influence the mark of Inhume domain0.66 is victimised as a rate for X, and for Intra field X=0.33. M, is the created retentivity for the semen URL to fund the weights and immortalize the oodles. LS, is links’ grudge that can be applied to influence the account of apiece Bury and Intra field links.

Algorithm 1: The pseud cipher of the proposed creeping algorithm

According to number 3, when the creeper starts to treat cum URL (A), it is start to parse its URLs. These URLs are: (B, C, D, E, F, G and H). So scratch to categorise the URLs into Bury and Intra domains. Hither 5 URLs (B, C, D, E and F) are Entomb world of germ (A) that mention to dissimilar domains, two URLs (G and H) are Intra domains for cum (A) that cite to the like sow URL domains. Now, regarding

Par (1), to decide the Entomb Arena Links Hit

LS inter

sustain the rate of α which is as mentioned earlier is

int er

the sum of Inhume Contact


and Intra Tie-in


int ra . Sinceint er

int ra

, so the evaluate of

int ra


2. Now to receive the oodles of apiece Bury Orbit. Links follows use the appraise of =0.66 as pursuit Equality (2):

Fig. 3. Try of Web earthworm corner

LS inter

( int er

int ra)

int ra

* 0.66


( int erint ra)

Victimization the Equating (3) with ever-changing the esteem of θ to 0.33, testament aid to discovery the grudge of Intra Area Links:

LS intra

( int er

int ra


int ra

* 0.33


( int erint ra)

A Antecedency Queue construction testament be reinforced at this arrange. These URLs in the queue leave be stored according to the gained grudge. Within the precedency queue construction, the URLs testament be grouped descending from highest grudge URL to the last-place mark. The succeeding germ URL bequeath be selected from the queue according to the highest URL scotch that exists in the stern of the queue. Every selected URLs testament sustain total of weighting (W= 1) to startle with. When nightwalker starts the summons, the ejaculate URL volition be deleted and add the extracted URLs to the Precedence Queue according to its gained hit. The creeping procedure leave not block functional until thither are no URLs ground in the Antecedency Queue.

During creep serve, Antecedence Queue structures bequeath be below restraint by highly-developed the metre ascendancy mechanics to canvas all URLs wait interior the Frontier. All scored URLs leave be stored inwardly the Frontier with their intromission meter. By the metre the Frontier construction leave be acquiring larger. Olibanum, to debar retentivity pile fault, every URL leave be dropped if it has reached the maximal wait meter spell it has been wait for its address be crawled. So, creeping appendage leave implement the Frontier and choice future URL semen according to its scotch and wait sentence properties. Afterwards parsing all its URLs, the selected sow URL testament be deleted from the Frontier but volition be unbroken by applied duplicate ascendancy mechanics.

IV. Experimentation RESULTS

According to lit explore results, thither are many URLs secondhand to execute as unlike seeds during Web creeper serve. In the highly-developed Web nightcrawler algorithm, http://www.stanford.edu isused as a dataset victimised in [8] too.Too, http://www.wikipedia.org the humanity’s biggest on-line cyclopaedia is exploited. The 3rd cum that was http://www.yok.gov.tr aTurkish governmental Site thatcontains significant info some Turkish universities and likewise former Turkish governmental Websites.

Afterward linear the highly-developed Web wiggler algorithm, FIFO Queue techniques are exploited to choose seeds from dataset to first the creep summons. Victimization Precedency Queue techniques parsed URLs were grouped privileged it according to the lashings they suffer gained. With the similarity to FIFO techniques, the following URL sow testament be selected from Antecedency Queue construction volition be the URL that gained a higher account than early URLs. The figure of URLs survive in any come URL is stranger and dequeue lone one URL apiece creeping treat bequeath decelerate syllabus operation, so multi-threading treat is victimised to speed the dequeue procedure from highly-developed frontier Precedency Queue construction.

Fig. 4. MAX, Norm and MIN crawled Webpages during crawl operation

Boilersuit, the numeral of URLs wait at the frontier construction of the Web nightcrawler coating consists of hundreds of millions of URLs. So, URLs moldiness be protected to saucer. The intellect for assignment gobs for parsing links is to micturate the highly-developed algorithm to resolve which tie testament be crawled before than over-the-counter links.

As an observational results, the uttermost, median and minimal hurrying of crawled Webpages inside a granted sentence section is demonstrated. Design 4, shows the operation of highly-developed creeping algorithm by acquiring the minimal, mean and maximal routine of crawled Webpages during creeping functioning.

As shown in build 4, thither is uncrawled information during this observational. The rationality is that to creep a tending semen URL, the plan testament springiness a connective timeout to unite to the HTTP protocol, roughly Websites contract clock to reply to this HTTP connecter requests and about of Websites testament not reply to this postulation, likewise, to creeping a Webpage the broadcast testament loading the unhurt contented of a disposed paginate into remembering earlier start to parse it and excerption its links. All these reasons can pretend creep amphetamine execution.


controller mechanics, a one URL leave be wait inner Antecedence Queue construction for maximal xxx proceedings. Regarding to highly-developed mechanics the last-place grade gained by parsed URLs volition be dropped from Creeping Frontier to avert woof the Queue without crawl.


Fig. 5. Percentages of crawled Webpages vs. uncrawled Webpages

Bod five-spot is viewing the percentages of crawled Webpages is %97.10 of unharmed crawled Webpages piece uncrawled Webpages forms %2.90 of the unit crawled Webpages during the crawl appendage for many reasons. Mesa I shows uncrawled Webpages errors’ types and their percentages.

Defer I: Cosmopolitan Wrongdoing TYPES FOR UNCRAWLED URLS

Wrongdoing Character








Otc HTTP Position Codes


Alien Supported Mummer Typecast


Strange Errors


Break Errors


To dissect uncrawled Webpages errors types in more details, misplay types has been dual-lane into two parts. HTTP position types and otc errors types. As shown in Postpone II, uncrawled Webpages wrongdoing that comes from HTTP position types was %64.85 from amount uncrawled URLs piece %35.15 of totality uncrawled URLs was advent from early errors types during crawl summons.

Tabularise II: Wrongdoing TYPES FOR UNCRAWLED URLS

Fault Typewrite


HTTP Position Codes


Early Errors


Analyzing HTTP position errors in more details defer III shows that %47.75 HTTP position errors belongs to HTTP commonwealth erroneousness (404) %52.25 makes early HTTP misplay states.

TABLE III: HTTP Position Erroneousness Inscribe FOR UNCRAWLED WEBPAGES

HTTP Position Mistake








Former HTTP Condition Codes


Patch this highly-developed algorithm is contingent highschool anteriority to crawling URL links, chassis six shows minimal, mean and utmost meter for wait for a one nexus privileged the Precedence Queue.

Fig.6. MAX, Modal and MIN wait clip within Antecedency Queue every 30 transactions of creep summons

Bod 7 shows the turn of URLs that had been dropped. The bit of dropped URLs astern 30 transactions from the scratch of crawl serve are more former clock continuance. The reasonableness is that the highly-developed Antecedence Queue ascendance mechanics starts astern xxx proceedings from creeping serve. Thence the wait URLs within Antecedency Queue volition get its rule assembly aft the Sixtieth moment from the beginning of crawl summons. Victimization the highly-developed sentence command mechanics, every URL volition be checkered to mensuration its wait sentence inwardly Frontier. This new mechanics volition be excited every meter a new parsed URL passes inwardly Frontier construction.

Fig. 7. The minimal, median and uttermost dropped URLs from Precedence Queue

By victimization the highly-developed clip restraint mechanics, the URLs bequeath not be unbroken more a particular clip inwardly the Precedence Queue. The URLs that had wait more the particular clip inner the Precedency Queue volition be dropped. Regarding this mechanics, the maximal wait to sentence for any URL leave be below the particular clip that has been set yet controller mechanics.

Fig. 8. Sate of Antecedence Queue during creep serve

Number ogdoad establish that thither are more 300 1000 URLs privileged the Precedency Queue in the beginning threescore transactions from the starting of crawl summons. But regarding to the highly-developed clip restraint mechanics, the Precedence Queue construction is acquiring to be more stalls and optimise the URLs privileged it (100000-200000 URLs) during crawl operation.

Queue’s contents of Entomb and Intra area links for every xxx transactions of crawl appendage.

Fig. 9. MAX, Modal and MIN velocity of crawl during creep procedure

To mensuration the swiftness of creep appendage, an dissect of minimal, median and utmost creeping upper has been through. Build 9 shows the amphetamine of crawled Webpages, for the presumption xxx transactions of crawl clip. This upper is referring to the sentence needful to parse all URLs from flow source.

Fig. 10. Sizing of crawled Webpages

The sentence length (240-360 transactions) of crawl summons shows the maximal clock betwixt one to 1.5 transactions necessarily to parse all URLs from flow raise URL. Piece in the 480th second of crawl serve, the utmost metre is xii transactions required to parse all URLs from stream nurture URL. The rationality for that conflict is that the rear URL (semen URL) yet continuance (240-360 transactions) contains less nestling URLs (parsed URLs) so the crawl hurrying testament be quicker than the rear URL that contains more nipper URLs (parsed URLs) and leads to unhurriedness in the crawl swiftness.

Another gene that could be effecting creep summons speeding is Webpages sizing. Build ten shows that although the utmost sizing of crawled Webpages was c KB but thither were Webpages with sizing euchre KB too. As a solution, acquiring larger Webpage sizing leads to awkwardness in crawl procedure.

Therein highly-developed Web angleworm algorithm as mentioned ahead, more aid was minded to recrudesce a nightcrawler algorithm with Bury World URL. The intellect for that is to forfend link-loops interior demesne and that new links from unlike Web pages volition tether us to non-stop creeping operation and the algorithm bequeath keep to breakthrough new domains to be crawled. Because of that, assigned 2/3 of cum URL’s weightiness was assigned to Bury Domains’ links and 1/3 of apt slant was assigned to Intra Field. Chassis 11 shows Anteriority

Fig. 11. Sizing of crawled Webpages


World Describe
























Abaft separating these Webpages to orbit names, the virtually crawled demesne discover dispersion was driven. Defer IV shows the nearly viewed nation’s world diagnose dispersion.

The defer shows that although the creep outgrowth starts with .edu, .org and .gov arena names, but during crawl summons the almost crawled Webpages was commonwealth field diagnose comparable .ca Canada, .UK Joined Realm and .it Italy.

From amount crawled Webpages as shown in tabularise V the almost crawled field distinguish was .com lengthiness. According to highly-developed Web fishworm algorithm, freehanded Entomb world URLs more grandness to be crawled ended Intra land URLs trail the crawl operation to grovel new Webpages from unlike domains.

Tabularize V: About CRAWLED Field Describe

Field Discover
















The Webpages on the Cyberspace are affiliated to apiece over-the-counter. Piece roughly of Webpages are machine-accessible to new Webpages, new Webpages that are pointing (connecting) to the like


Webpages bequeath look, lead to duplicate in Webpages, which substance these Webpages were already visited/crawled ahead.

Build xii shows the gemination of URLs that had been detected in creeping serve for apiece 30 proceedings. To forfend URL gemination piece crawl outgrowth, a duplicate ascendancy summons starts privileged the Precedency Queue to curb whether the URL was refined earlier or not by exploitation the reward of Coupled Haschisch Set inwardly it. Exploitation Coupled Hashish Set as a ascendence rod leave countercheck the parsed URLs ahead adding them to the Anteriority Queue construction to see patch it’s crawled ahead or not. If the prospect parsed URL was not crawled ahead, so the URL leave be added to the Precedence Queue, thence wait its number according to their loads.

Fig. 12. Duplicated URLs counts for every xxx transactions of crawl treat.


Therein work, a new algorithm has been introduced to creeping Web pages. The highly-developed algorithm is based on victimization precedence queue as come frontier and dividing crawled URLs into inhume and intra links. The highly-developed algorithm focuses on adding crawled bury land links to the frontier more direction on intra arena links. The reasonableness for that is to forfend link-loops interior a land. As a resultant, this leads to learn new links on dissimilar hosts and domains. The observational results appearance that the highly-developed wiggler algorithm gives a beneficial crawled execution against to unreachable crawled Webpages. Too the highly-developed algorithm too has the potentiality to decimate repeat URLs.


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Mohammed Rashad Baker Standard the BS degreein Sofware Technology Techniques from Montage of Engineering – Kirkuk, Iraq in 2005. He standard MSc arcdegree in Reckoner Technology from Gazi University-Ankara, Bomb. In two g 9 and presently he is PhD nominee at Gazi University Module of Technology Section of Calculator Technology. His inquiry interests admit Web Excavation, Web Fishworm and Web Superior, Web and Mobil Radio Net Networks, Radiocommunication Web Routing


M. Ali Akcayol standard the BS stage inElectronics and Reckoner Systems Pedagogy from Gazi University in 1993. He standard MSc and PhD grade in Found of Skill and Engineering from Gazi University – Ankara, Bomb in chiliad ix c xc octad and 2001, severally. His search interests admit Nomadic Radio Networking, Web Technologies, Web Minelaying, BigData, Dapple Computation, Ai, Healthy Optimisation Techniques and

Cross Well-informed Systems.

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